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Foshan Land Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd

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About Packaging Bags & Pouches

1.What is the minimum number of pouches I can order?

For certain unprinted pouches, 1000pcs is the minimum quantity you can order. Normally we need 10000-20000pcs for printed pouches, some bags will need more than 50000pcs for a start.

2.How do you conduct proofing of your process?

Before we print your pouches, we will send you a Effect picture of your order. After that, you will have to confirm the order before the printing starts. Then we will start printing your order.

3.How do you pack the printed bags and pouches?

All the bags are packed 50pcs or 100pcs one pack, with a label marked with bags general information outside the carton. Unless you have specifies otherwise, we reserve the rights to make changes on the carton packs to best accommodate any design, size, and pouch gauge. Please notice us if you can't accept our company logos print outside the cartons.If need packed with pallets and stretch film we will notice you ahead, special pack requirements like pack 80pcs with individual bags please notice us ahead.

4.Do you have custom labels services?

Sorry no, we don’t have custom labels services.

5.Can I get some sample for the size and testing purposes?

Yes, we recommend that you try our pouches before you purchase them. This ensures that you get the right color, size and the design you desire. You can request both our exist samples or custom samples, custom samples and shipping will need charges.

6.What are the lead times normally?

Our lead times will highly depend on the printing design and style required by our clients. But in most cases, our lead times lead timeline is between 1-4 weeks depends on quantity and payment. We make our shipment through air, express, and sea. It will takes between 7 to 30 days to deliver at your doorstep or nearby address. Enquire with us on the actual days of delivery to your address, and we will give you the best quote possible.

7.Do you have any retort pouches?

Yes, we are a versatile pouches and bags company.Retort pouch for Pasteurization purpose or 135℃ available, call or email us to know more; we can customize them for you. You will also get our quote for free.

8.What is the best packaging material which can keep my products from direct sunlight or moisture?

We highly recommend that you use aluminum foil materials for such purposes. However, we also give metalized films which work well with extreme sunlight. To protect your product from moisture, you can also use other materials such as polypropylene, nylon. Some coatings on our pouches come with the best moisture barrier.

9.Can I get materials which allow for easy open packages?

Yes, you can. We make easy to open pouches and bags with add-on features such as the the tear tapes, tear notches, slide zippers and many others. If for one time use an easy peeling inner coffee pack, we also have that material for easy peeling purpose.

10.What artwork files do you accept?

We accept Adobe Illustrator, PSD or PDF. You can save the PDF from your set up and send us the artwork in PDF format. Make sure they are outlined, or you will need send all fonts use in design.

About Terms & Conditions

1.Is it acceptable if I order online?

Yes. You can ask for a quote online, manage the delivery process and submit your payments online.We accept Paypal payment as well.

2.How does your company relate to the quality and control of the state?

Quality is our sole priority in the manufacturing industry. We value quality control from our very beginning of manufacturing to printing of our pouches. Our company has as well gained SGS, CE and QS authentication.

3.What information must I keep in mind before placing an order or requesting for a quote?

It is crucial that you have some basic information about our pouches. Such information includes facts about pouch dimensions, artwork, add-on features, and quality to mention but a few. If you have limited knowledge or the information you have is not clear, contact us, we will guide you through the entire process.

4.Which payment options do you have?

Our company accepts normally Paypal, T/T and L/C payments. To be able to protect our clients from online fraud, the billing address must match the billing address on which the monthly credit card statement is mailed. Call us if you need to use any payment procedures.

5.Does your company abide by the Image copyright?

All the images in Soonseal are flexible unless credited otherwise. All the printing rights are reserved.

6.Can I make changes to my artwork at any time?

Our clients reserve the rights to make any changes regarding specifications, drawings, packaging, quantitative, specifications, methods of shipment or even the delivery schedule as to the goods ordered. The price difference or time difference in performance resulting from the changes will be equitably adjusted as well as confirmed in new PI. However, we cannot make any changes in descriptions, specifications, drawings or even materials without the consent of our esteemed clients.

General FAQS

1.What kind of bags and pouches does your offer?

At Soonseal, We offer vast packaging options for our clients. That ensures that you have an array of options for your products. Call or Email us today to confirm any packaging your want or visit our page to view some of the choices we have.

2.What type of printing do you offer?

We print pouches up to 10 colors. We use machine printing, manual printing, UV ink printing and digital printing.

3.Which materials do you offer when printing the bags and pouches?

We provide a wide range of post-consumer materials and reusable materials. We also offer non-plastic bags like aluminum bags and kraft paper pouches.

4.What is your turn-around time?

For production, it will takes about 1-4 weeks depends pouches or quantity you need.

5.Can I change my order?

Yes, you can as long as we have not started printing it or producing it.

6.How much does the shipping cost?

The shipping will highly depend on the location of delivery as well as the quantity being supplied. We will be able to give you the estimate when you have placed the order.

7.Which places do you ship your bags to?

For now, we are shipping in various continents. Where ever need our products, we will sell to there.

8.What if I don’t get my shipment or my shipment delays?

If you don’t get my shipment or your shipment delays, kindly contact us via our email (sale@soonseal.com) and we will find out about the delays.

9.What will happen if an error occurs during payment?

If you find out that an error has occurred, do not immediately process another payment because the payment could have gone through. Email us (sale@soonseal.com), and we will check if we have received any confirmation on our side.

10.Can I pay in installments?

Unfortunately, we do not accept payments in installments.

11.What if the order does not satisfy me?

Soonseal guarantees 100% satisfaction on our services. Therefore, if you feel that you are not satisfied with our design or quality, we will rectify it to suit your desired outcome. Contact us and let us know the reasons why you are not happy.

12.Can you print on both sides of the pouches?

Yes. Please tell us all the details you demand before we start printing.

13.Do I need to pay extra for you to print both sides on my pouches?

No. Our quote will include the entire printing process. However, some technical changes from our clients could attract an extra charge.

14.What printing quality can I expect?

The printing quality is sometimes defined by the quality of the artwork you send us and the kind of printing you would want us to employ. Visit our websites and see the difference in the printing procedures and make a good decision. You can as well call us and get the best advice from our experts.

15.Will I get the entire cost up-front before placing my official order?

Yes. The full charges will be show on the PI before you place your order. In case some change, we will update the new PI and confirm with you again.

16.What are the add-on features I will get on your services?

We provide our customers with a comprehensive list of add-on features which include valves, zippers, vents, easy-tear notches, ergonomic handle, rounded corners, re-closable and punch holes. Email us (sale@soonseal.com) and get more details for every feature you would like to have.

17.Why I need pay mold cost?

Some special size for stand up pouch, shaped pouch or window pouch, the spout pouch may need mold cost for bag-making, so did special punched holes may need mold cost. Any other special features may cause mold cost.

18.How can I choose the best pouches for my products?

Please consider based on usage, functional, branding, and your budget, or you can always call or email us (sale@soonseal.com) for best recommendation.


If you have any questions which is still unclear or doubtful you are always welcome email us , we will reply accordingly.Please send us your questions to , we will reply you normally within 24 working hours.


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