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Milk Powder Packing Machine

  • SS-8200
Filling Volume:
  • 10-3000g
Packaging Accuracy:
  • Error≤±1
  • 30-50 bags/min
Bag Size:
  • L: 120-550 mm W: 80-400 mm


In recent years, Premade Pouch packaging machine in the packaging market gradually occupies a dominant position. Many advantages of Premade Pouch, such as excellent appearance, portable opening, user-friendly sealing method, make it the first choice of consumers. Premade pouch provides manufacturers with more packaging options, material handling strategies, and fully automated solutions.

Milk Powder Packing Machine can auto finish material feeding, weighing, premade pouch pick-up, open, fill and seal, etc. Premade pouch can be flat pouch, flat bottom pouch, gusset pouch, stand up pouch without zipper. 

Milk Powder Packing Machine is suitable for small granule material, such as all kinds of milk powder, protein powder, crystal monosodium glutamate, seasoning, washing powder, pesticides, chemicals, fertilizer, sugar, feed and other small granule material automatic packing, etc.


Packaging Material:
milk powder milk powder milk powder milk powder milk powder milk powder
Milk Powder Milk Powder Milk Powder Milk Powder Milk Powder Milk Powder


Bag Style:
stand up pouch premade pouch stand up pouch flat bottom pouch premade pouch flat bottom pouch
Stand up pouch Premade pouch Stand up pouch Flat bottom pouch Premade pouch Flat bottom pouch


  • Full automatic intermittent rotary premade bags dispensing, opening and closing machine combined with automatic auger powder filler, bulk screw feeder and product bulk hopper

  • Safety guard protected for high speed and consistent production heavy-duty components and parts are selected for machine durability

  • Hygienic construction and easy cleaning operators friendly design touchscreen control system

  • Adopt advanced PLC, mate with touch screen and electric control system, the man-machine interface is friendly

  • Dust control and extractor system on special request

  • The speed of this machine is adjusted by frequency conversion with the range, and the actual speed depends on type of products and pouch

  • Automatic checking system can check bag situation, filling and sealing situation

  • Package material: stand up pouches, 3 side seal pouches, gusset bags, flat botoom pouches, Shaped pouches, etc.


Item Milk Powder Packing Machine
Brand Soonseal
Model SS-8200
Bag Size L: 120-550 mm W: 80-400 mm
Filling Volume 10-3000g (Depending on the type of products)
Capacity 30-50 bags/min (The speed depends on the type of products and packaging material used)
Package Accuracy Error≤±1%
Compress Air Requirement ≥0.6 m³/min
Machine Voltage 220V/380V, 50/60Hz
Total Power 2.8KW
Machine Size 2450*1880*1900 mm
Machine Weight 750 KG
Optional configuration:
1. Material weighing & filling machines
2. Platform
3. Check weigher
4. Material elevator
5. Finished product conveyor
6. Metal detector

Work Process:

1. Bag giving--Feed many pouches or bags in the bag magazine, our main bag magazine can move up and down, you can feed bags very easily when it moved down, and when it moved up, there is a mechanical arm with two vacuum caps will take the bag up and then transmit it to the mechanical gripper on the rotary table.

2. Date coding--According to the actual production and packaging needs, different types of coding machines are configured to print the date and batch number on the packaging bag.

3. Bag opening--While the suction cup opens the opening of the packaging bag, the air is sprayed from the upper nozzle to blow open the bottom of the packaging bag, the packaging bag support plate is inserted into the opening of the packaging bag, and the packaging bag enters the next station.
After inserting the bag support plate into the bag opening, the detection of whether there is a packaging bag and whether the opening of the bag is opened is completed. If there is no packaging bag or there is no opening to open the packaging bag, the next station will not feed.

4. Filling and vibrating 1--According to different packaging materials, different feeders are configured at this station to complete the automatic or semi-automatic delivery of materials.

5. Filling and vibrating 2--According to different packaging materials, different feeders are configured at this station to complete the automatic or semi-automatic delivery of materials.

6. Product settling after filling by vibrating

7. Heat sealing 1--To seal the pouch or bag mouth with a couple of heat sealing air bars, the sealing pattern you can option, net or straight lines.

8. Heat sealing 2--To make the sealing stable and preventing from wrinkling with a couple of cold presses, then output the finished production automatically.

9. Forming and product output


Milk Powder Packing Machine


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