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What are the advantages of foil packaging pouch and how to distinguish between the pure aluminium pouch and aluminium coating pouch?

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Foil packaging pouch has been used in various fields, such as medical treatment, food, and scientific research, because of its excellent performance. So what do you know about Foilpouch? Why has foil pouch remained popular over such a long period of time? Next, I will give you general knowledge about foil pouches.

Foil pouch is usually divided into two types, one is an aluminium coating (PET/AL/PE) and the other is pure aluminium (MPET/AL/PE). Both of them have the characteristic that the surface is very clean and sanitary, and no microorganism can grow on the surface. Can come into direct contact with food without any danger to human health. As an opaque packaging material, the foil has good protection for products exposed to sunlight, such as oily products, solid drinks, coffee, etc. Foil is a good packaging material. No matter at high or low temperatures, the phenomenon of infiltration will not occur. Air, with low water permeability, can well protect the product inside. The foil itself is not volatile, and it and the packaged food will not dry or shrink. The tasteless and odourless packaging material will not make the packaged food have any peculiar smell. Stable performance can adapt to a variety of high and low-temperature environment storage, and a certain degree of corrosion resistance.

aluminium pouch

Why should a layer of pure aluminium foil be added inside the pouch? Foil is also widely used for insulation layers, heat exchange, and as a conductor. Typically, foil in the pouch for beverage packaging and food packaging is only 6.5 microns thick. The thin aluminium layer provides water resistance, umami retention, and protection from harmful microbes and contamination. It has the characteristics of opaque, silvery-white, anti-gloss, good barrier, high/low-temperature resistance, oil resistance, heat sealing, optical blocking, fragrance retention, no peculiar smell, softness and so on.

An aluminium coating packaging pouch is a thin layer of aluminium powder plated on the plastic film to play a decorative role. The aluminium coating packaging pouch is also called the aluminium-plastic packaging pouch. A foil packaging pouch, as its name implies, is a packaging pouch containing foil (Pure aluminium) in its inner structure. Because the inner structure contains pure aluminium foil, it is referred to as a foil packaging pouch, also known as a pure aluminium pouch. The foil pouch. In fact, a pouch is a pouch child formed by pouch forming mechanical sealing after multiple plastic films and 99.9% pure aluminium layer are compounded. In terms of performance, the cooling effect is better than the aluminium coating pouch. A pure aluminium pouch can completely avoid light, and an aluminium coating pouch is a shading effect. From the material, the pure aluminium pouch is pure aluminium, with high purity and belonging to soft material; Aluminum Coatingpouch contains composite material and is a brittle material. In terms of use, a pure aluminium pouch is more suitable for victimization, such as for cooked food, meat and other products, while an aluminium Coatingpouch is suitable for tea, powder, etc. In terms of cost, the unit price of a pure aluminium pouch is higher than that of an aluminium Coatingpouch. The pouch should be placed in front of the light or sun. Foil can be seen through the pouch and pure aluminium foil can not.

In appearance, there is little difference between the two. For the same product placed in aluminium coating packaging, water loss and microbial breeding may occur in a month. However, in foil packaging pouch, similar situations may not occur until half a year later. In order to ensure the quality of the products inside, many packages are vacuumed. After a vacuum, the internal oxygen is reduced and there is no environment for microorganisms to grow, thus achieving the role of product protection. Secondly, the foil packaging pouch has good stability and generally will not be affected by the external environment. Functionally, the two are far apart. First of all, because the interlayer is pure aluminium foil, the foil pouch is far stronger than the aluminium coating packaging pouch in terms of moisture resistance, light resistance, water resistance and oxidation. Durable is a stand-in for foil packaging pouch. The pouch can both be printed patterns, the foil pouch has a soft feel, and the aluminium Coating pouch has a hard feel. Therefore, a foil pouch is more suitable for food, medicine, chemical products, some electronic parts, and mechanical parts. A foil pouch is also often used for sealing purposes. While aluminium coating pouch is mostly used for fast products. This does not mean that the aluminium coating packaging pouch is not good, but proves that aluminium coating packaging has a high-cost performance.


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